2012 Redesign Mockups

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These mockups are purposefully only 950 pixels wide. They are meant to be horizontally centered in browser.

These designs could easily be implemented with the Bootstrap framework and jQueryUI.

This round of mockups is inspired by simple inferfaces like OMIM

Home Page

Home Page


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Feedback and mockups from Nov 2012 Board meeting

  • the Board says that the website must reflect the needs for information by prospective organizational users
    • home page should offer link to info about involvement in Dryad, in addition (and on the same level with) to the search and deposit options
    • for an example, consider the new ICPSR home page
  • Main page should offer three boxes that indicate with a verb what the user can do
    • perhaps Use, Submit, and (for prospective organizations, Join? Connect? Engage? Participate? (no consensus reached on the language)
  • the page that the organizational user goes to from the home page must describe and promote several independent forms of involvement: membership in the Dryad organization, contracts for payment of deposit fees, and journal integration
  • organizational user info must easily convey the advantages of engaging with Dryad, why join? why contract with Dryad? in info accessible in one click from home page
  • prospective members/users are very diverse-- journals, publishers, funders, research institutes
  • what to call “Subscribers” or Organizational Users who have a contract with Dryad? (no consensus reached on the language)
  • the language in these mockups is NOT final
    • a suggestion for standard description: Dryad is a nonprofit organization and an international repository of data underlying scientific and medical publications.

File:WhitlockDryad Main page mock-up.pdf

  • (Ryan's comment) The bottom panel could be more dynamic by presenting a rotating set of content. Note that I am not in favor of the current "rotate an image every few seconds" paradigm. It would be fine to rotate it once every few minutes.
    • the journal cover images as currently displayed
    • summary statistics
    • featured content (recently deposited, most popular, etc)

File:Dryad organizational user page mockup.pdf

Mouseover Homepage


See also: Older Menu Mockups

Data Package Page

Data Packages Page


About Page

Info Pages



The menu content is proposed below. The top level items (non-bulleted) are the menu titles. The second level items are the menu options. The lowest level items are text on the resultant page. The order of these menus has not yet been determined (Nov. 2012)


  • About Dryad?
    • What is Dryad, it's purpose, and its goals?
    • What kind of information does Dryad collect?
    • Is data in Dryad free?
    • Why choose Dryad?
    • Why is archiving data worthwhile?
    • What technology is involved in running Dryad?
    • What is DryadUK?
    • Who are Dryad senior personnel and contributors?
    • What funding sources does Dryad have?
    • Who are Dryad's partners (journals, societies, publishers, etc.)?
    • Which other repositories exchange data with Dryad?
    • Dryad's Journal Archiving Policy.
  • Stay Informed about Dryad
    • Dryad Wiki
    • Dryad Blog
    • Feedback Form


  • FAQs about using data from Dryad
    • What is a data package? a DOI?
    • Where do I refer to a Dryad data package within an article?
    • How do I download a Dryad citation into citation management software?
    • How can I tell someone they can view or download data from Dryad?
    • How can I add a data package to my CV?
    • How can I see how often a data package is viewed and/or downloaded?
    • How do I share my data using social media?
    • What copyright and intellectual property rights are associated with data in Dryad ?
  • FAQs about submitting data to Dryad
    • What is the submission process (an overview)?
    • How do I prepare my data before I enter it into Dryad?
    • Can I run additional analysis on data before making it available on Dryad?
    • Can I submit just a portion of my dataset do Dryad?
    • When will embargoed data be released?
    • How do I make my data packages useful and easy to find?
    • Can dryad help me prepare a data management plan (required by many funding institutions and publishers)?


  • Feedback Form