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NESCent and the MRC both have licenses to host videoconference meetings in Adobe Connect.

In general, Adobe Connect is best used for meetings that occur frequently, or for one-way lectures. When two or more people need to speak in the meeting, the audio setup takes a certain amount of tweaking, so a certain amount of testing beforehand is useful.

If you are not certain whether Adobe Connect is the best technology for the meeting, see the Meeting Technology flowchart.

Note: More details are available on NESCent's Adobe Connect page, but this page is only accessible to NESCent residents.

Administrative Info

For best results:

  • no more than 3 people should be sending video
  • always set the resolution to 800x600
  • under Meeting menu, Manage Access & Entry, Auto-Promote Participants to Presenters OR set each person as a presenter individually (button at the bottom left of the Attendee pod).

Audio setup:

  • each user must be given microphone rights (click their name in attendees, and choose the microphone button)
  • all audio users should be on a headset
  • at bottom of screen, to the right of the talk button, open the drop-down menu and select Voice On - Multiple Speakers
  • on a Mac, make sure the correct microphone/speaker is enabled in
    • System Preferences
    • Flash settings (right-click on the Adobe Connect window)
    • Meeting menu, Manage My Settings, Audio Setup Wizard
      • Ignore the "Tune Silence Level" page.
      • On the "Finished!" page, press the Advanced button and turn the Silence level to 0.


  • It is often distracting to have chat messages appear on the screen while presenting.
  • To turn off chat notifications, press the gear/settings button in the lower right corner of the chat pod. Select Chat Notification Options, Disable.

Using at NESCent:

Introducing Connect to Users

(Make sure to include the Configuration Instructions when you send this message out.)

We will use Adobe Connect for remote participation in the meeting. With Adobe Connect you can communicate with audio and video, as well as share applications running on your computer. You will need a headset with a microphone for the audio (or just headphones if your computer has a microphone built in). Adobe Connect runs using any web browser. The first time you use Connect, it will install a free plugin.

To prepare for the meeting, it would be useful to run through a test session with David Palmer, who administers our Adobe Connect instance. To schedule a session, you can mail David at

The URL for the meeting is below and will not change.

The attached PDF explains setting up and using audio, video and sharing your desktop. IMPORTANT: Please use the Audio Setup Wizard each time you connect. It does need to be redone each time to ensure your audio settings are working correctly. The documentation explains how to do this.