Board of Directors Meeting July 2012

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This page provides information about the meeting of the Dryad Board of Directors, July 23-25, 2012, in Durham, North Carolina USA, at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center.

Meeting summary

The first meeting of the elected Dryad Board of Directors officially initiated the formation of Dryad as a non-profit organization. Board members elected officers, formed committees, and reviewed the work of the prior interim board. The cost recovery framework was discussed, the repository Collection policy and Terms of Service were reviewed and finalized, and plans were made for hiring an executive director.

July 2012 Board Meeting Minutes


  • Directors: Theo Bloom, Lee Dirks (call-in), Liz Ferguson, Simon Hodson (call-in), Marcel Holyoak, Brian Lavoie, Bill Michener, Allen Moore, Susanna-Assunta Sansone, Eefke Smit (call-in), Todd Vision, Mike Whitlock
  • Other participants: Elena Feinstein, Peggy Schaeffer, Ryan Scherle


23 July - Monday

  • 900 Introductions and short board member short presentations (3-5 min each)
  • 945 Board orientation and discussion of COI (Counsel: Martin)
  • 1030 Break
  • 1045 Board formation
    • Appointment of Board and ByLaws
    • Appointment of Board to terms
    • Nomination and selection of Officers
    • Motion to ratify actions of Incorporator
    • Motion to approve Bylaws
    • Resolution to approve choice of bank
    • Motion to seek tax-exempt status
    • Motion to retain Counsel
  • 1145 Nomination to committees
    • It has been proposed that the actual appointment to committees be held Tues. afternoon following the breakouts
  • 1200 Lunch
  • 1300 Current status of repository and near term plans
  1. Overview (Vision, 10 min.)
    • Summary of deposits, partner journals, downloads, etc.
    • Service partnerships (e.g. DataCite, DataONE, CLOCKSS)
    • R&D projects (e.g. HIVE, DryadUK, ODIN)
  2. Repository technology demo (Scherle, 20 mins.)
    • Key features
    • Integrated (and non-integrated) submission
    • Development planning (Trello)
  3. Curation (Feinstein, 10 min.)
    • What curation entails
    • Ongoing improvements to the process
  • 1400 Discussion of cost recovery (with a break at 1500)
  1. Overview of cost model and revenue projections (Whitlock, slides)
  2. Motion to adopt existing framework
  3. Decisions to be made
    • Baseline deposit fee
    • Building in reasonable transaction costs
    • Membership fee
    • Nonmembership discount (and any other incentives to be built in)
    • Implementing waivers
    • Excess storage costs
    • Phasing in cost recovery
  4. Questions to be addressed by the finance breakout on Tues.

24 July - Tuesday

  • 900 Collect COI forms
  • 905 Strategy session (Facilitated by Michener), with a break at 10:30
  1. Membership: benefits, qualifications, recruitment of new members
  2. Funding and partnership opportunities
  3. Prioritizing upcoming features
  • 1200 Lunch
  • 1300 Breakouts (2), prior to officially filling committees
  1. Governance
    • Establish first committees and process for year
    • Draft job description and recruitment plan for executive staff
  2. Finance
    • Charge: format and frequency of reports to the Board, overseeing independent audits
    • Discuss implementation details of cost recovery plan (follow on from Monday afternoon)
  • 1500 Break
  • 1515 Report out from breakouts
  • 1545 Vote on recommendations, settle appointments to committees
  • 1600 Review repository policies
  1. Terms of Service
  2. Collection policy
  3. Preservation policy
  • Vote to adopt or revise these at the conclusion of this discussion or Wed morning
  • 1730 Shuttle to hotel
  • 1830 Dinner

25 July - Wednesday

  • 900 Remaining business (with a break at 1030)
  1. Postponed votes
  2. May 2013 Annual Meeting: date, location and structure
  3. Matters Arising
  • 1200 Adjourn