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Status: This page is outdated and of historical use only.

This page describes work done by the DryadUK project from 2010 to 2011.

Dryad-UK Discussion Meeting

27-28 April 2010

HEFCE Meeting Rooms 3 and 4

Centre Point Tower

101-103 New Oxford Street,  London


The desirability of the open publication of research data

It is widely acknowledged that the open publication of research data has benefits that include review and validation by others, re-use in another contexts, and composition with other data to create a new greater whole. As a result, governments and funding agencies are increasingly voicing their position that the fruits of publicly funded research should be made publicly available in a timely manner. However, the reality is that this is not happening to any great extent, with the exception for bioinformatics data where global databases exist and where a tradition of data submission has been long established. A principal reason for this failure elsewhere is the lack of availability of a suitable data repository to which submission is easy.

The establishment of Dryad-UK

The purpose of this discussion meeting, generously supported by the Research Information Network, is to explore the desirability of, mechanisms for, hosting of, and funding to support the establishment of Dryad-UK, a UK mirror of the Dryad repository for datasets linked to life science journal articles, in which Dryad's journal range will be expanded to include infectious disease and epidemiology journals. We also wish to explore how we might add value to Dryad through the creation of machine-readable reciprocal links between datasets published in Dryad-UK and open access articles in UK Pubmed Central and elsewhere.


  • To identify user requirements for the open archiving of infectious disease and epidemiology research datasets, that could be met by expanding the Dryad journal range.
  • To consider the desirability of contributing to the international Dryad data archive effort in a manner that leverages UK funding resources, institutional capacity and leading expertise in data management.
  • To identify opportunities for adding value, such as creating a Dryad mirror site in the UK, and by creating coupling between literature repositories and the Dryad-UK data repositority.
  • To identify a core team willing to work to realize this vision, by establishing the necessary institutional partnerships and obtaining the required funding.

Specifically, at the end of the meeting, we should be in a position to articulate clearly the case for establishing Dryad-UK, and have a good ideas as to the partners who would engage in this activity and the journals we could invite to participate, thereby paving the way for an informed and persuasive grant application to Strand B: Innovative Publications for Research Data of the JISC Managing Research Data Programme Call for Grant Applications 14/09 to provide initial start-up funds for this activity, to be followed by more substantial applications elsewhere.


Participants include practicing epidemiologists, editors and publishers of epidemiological journals, organizations such as the British Library, the Digital Curation Centre, the Research Information Network and UK Research Data Service that have an interest in the free availability of research data, UK Pubmed Central that hosts open access biomedical journal articles to which the Dryad-UK datasets could be reciprocally linked, and representatives of potential funding agencies that might provide financial support to establish and maintain Dryad-UK, including the Wellcome Trust, MRC and the JISC.

  • Ashley, Kevin - Digital Curation Centre
  • Beagrie, Neil - Charles Beagrie, Ltd.
  • Carr, David - Wellcome Trust
  • Clement-Stoneham, Geraldine - Medical Research Council
  • Cockerill, Matthew - Biomed Central
  • Coleman, Lee-Ann - British Library
  • Collins, Ellen - Research Information Network
  • Day, Matthew - Nature Publishing Group
  • Dukes, Peter - Medical Research Council
  • Farquhar, Adam - British Library
  • Hodson, Simon - Joint Information Services Cttee
  • Hrynaszkiewicz, Iain - Biomed Central
  • Johnson, Alan - Health Protection Agency
  • Jubb, Michael - Research Information Network
  • Kennedy, Cathy - Oxford University Press
  • Kiley, Robert - Wellcome Trust
  • Lamberton, Poppy - Imperial College
  • Lyte, Vic - MIMAS Data Center
  • Milner, John - UK Research Data Service
  • Patterson, Mark - Public Library of Science
  • Pollard, Tom - British Library
  • Shotton, David - University of Oxford
  • Tovey, David - Cochrane Library
  • Vision, Todd - University of North Carolina/NESCent
  • Whitlock, Mike - University of British Columbia
  • Wilkinson, Max - British Library


Dryad, the Joint Data Archiving Policy, and the vision for DryadUK

Views from biologists

Views from academic publishers

Views from journal editors

Views from the UK data management, library and information science communities

Views from research funders

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