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This page describes reports the Dryad curator would like to be able to generate, as part of the desired Curator Tools.


  1. Items with new article metadata matches -- system suggests likely matches between newly published articles and content in Dryad and curator may approve or reject the addition of article metadata to Dryad (FogBugz 2396)
  2. Items that have been flagged by users (FogBugz 2390)
  3. Items that have been marked by curator -- for richer curation or to follow up on possible problems (include comment field?)


  1. Ability to generate reports in curator interface within DSpace
  2. Ability to generate reports of all items lacking a value for a given field or with a given value for a given field
  3. Ability to sort results on values in a given field (e.g., sort by journal name)
  4. Ability to combine conditions in a single report (something like Boolean operators)


  1. Items for which the associated article has not yet been published (FogBugz 2397)
    • For legacy content: package dc:relation.isReferencedBy is absent
    • For future content: publication bibo:status = accepted
  2. Items with partial article metadata (FogBugz 2246)
    • For legacy content: package dc:identifier.citation is absent but package dc:relation.isReferencedBy is present
    • For future content: publication bibo:status = online ahead of print and/or publication dcterms:identifier present but certain bibo fields (bibo:volume or bibo:pageStart+bibo:pages) absent


  1. Would also like to be able to generate a list of data files under embargo and be able to do some sorting by embargo date. (FogBugz 2395 and 3374)
    • file embargo date
    • file embargo type
    • file deposit date
    • file DOI
    • file title
    • package DOI
    • package title
    • package citation
  2. May also be useful to think about how to compare deposit date, article publication date, and embargo date, at least for cleanup of legacy content.

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