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Dryad assigns Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to each Dryad Data Package and Data File. These persistent identifiers provide an easy way to cite and access data deposited in the Dryad Data Repository. Dryad registers its DOIs and their associated metadata through the DataCite service and they are resolvable through the system.


On submission to Dryad, authors will receive an email that informs the submitter that a DOI will be assigned on the data package's acceptance into Dryad.

Once the Dryad curator has reviewed and approved the submission, a second email will be sent. This email includes a DOI that the author can use to cite the data package.

Dryad's page on recommended data citation practices details the use of the Dryad assigned DOIs.

Technical Documentation

Design History

Our implementation was influenced by the California Digital Library (CDL)'s NOID project.

Dryad's DOI Services were first developed to work with the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB)'s DataCite registration service and then later adopted to use the California Digital Library's EZID DOI registration service.

Ongoing development will take place in conjunction with DSpace's nascent Identifier Services module.