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Dryad is a member node in the DataONE network. DataONE is an NSF-funded DataNet, a distributed organization that aims to provide persistent, robust, and secure access to well-described and easily discovered data from from the genome to the ecosystem, including Earth observational data from atmospheric, ecological, hydrological, and oceanographic sources.


The DataONE MN interface is a programming interface so won't be used unless a scripting language is used to interact with the interface. A simple listing can be seen, though, by putting the following into the browser's location bar:

with the ability to access a particular file illustrated by the following:


Technical Documentation

The full technical documentation for the DataONE MN RESTful programming interface is available on the DataONE RESTful API page.

Design History

  • We aim to make this work with DSpace as closely as possible, because it is likely that other institutions will want to become member nodes (e.g., UIUC, MIT)
  • We started using the Discovery Solr index but moved to creating a Dryad specific one; we may go back to using the Discovery Solr index when it becomes more stable, but the Discovery module is under heavy development at the moment