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Status: Being implemented

Several journals have asked for a widget that can embed Dryad content into articles.


Requirements from Dryad journals:

  • This widget should be callable using an article DOI, returning content in an iframe.
  • The widget should show details for a single data file (not an entire data package).
  • The widget should work as either a large-size display or a smaller-size that is appropriate for use in a sidebar. If the widget is smaller, it should be expandable to full size with a single click.
  • The widget's color palette should be customizable.

Current prototype of the widget:

Curent design (full size)





Altnernate version with longer text:



Current Ideas (sidebar size)

ElsevierIntegrationMockup.png Dryad data widget small 2.png

Changes we still want to include in the smaller size version:

  • Should display total number of files and types, but not necessarily display all the file names.
  • Should include a way to open the larger widget as a page overlay, as well as a way to go to the Dryad page for the data package.
  • If it displays actual file content, it needs a way to page between the available files.

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