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This feature is in development.

This page will include:

  • cumulative deposits graph
  • usage graph
  • list of most popular items in Dryad
  • journals with the most submissions
  • number of data packages as a function of time (by year, and by month for recent six months)
  • number of data packages per journal (for top journals - expandable to whole), with publisher indicated
  • number of views per data file, max per data package (releases >1 yr old, 1-12 months old, <1 month old) - [note that this is complicated by views of embargoed items]
  • number of downloads per data file, max per data package (releases >1 yr old, 1-12 months old, <1 month old)
  • size (in bytes) distribution of data files
  • size (in bytes and number of files) of data packages
  • total size (in bytes) of all publicly available data files
  • number and size (in bytes) of files currently under embargo
  • distribution of deposits by journal (for most popular journals, with links to longer list) (broken down be <1 month, 1-12 months, all-time)?
  • format distribution of data files
  • fraction of files made available [immediately|upon publication|embargoed]
  • fraction of files that have been revised since publication
  • fraction of data packages that have come in through non-integrated submission (past week, month, year)
  • fraction of data packages with a different author list than the article
  • some sort of representation of frequency of topics/keywords (wordcloud?)
  • most popular searches?



Open questions:

  • Does the page need to be live, or should it be a static page that is generated with each server update?
  • For other ideas, see IMA data dashboard