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User management is relatively straightforward.

Email alias management:

  • If a single user needs a single alias, this can be added to their account in the Gmail settings.
    • Go to the user's account
    • Click on "Account"
    • "Add an alias" in the right panel
  • For multiple users, a group must be created.
  • If an alias will point to a user with a non-dryad address, a group must be created. (A one-person group is allowed.)

Group management:

  • Groups can be created as an administrative group (in the main admin panel), or as a group in the Google Groups app. 
  • Groups can be managed better in the Google Groups app. It has many more configuration options.
  • Administrators can only view a group in the Google Groups view if they are a member of the group.


The announcements mailing list is dryad-announce.

There is a subscription form on the Dryad homepage for this list. The form sends a message to subscribe_mailinglist.recipient using the template subscribe_mailinglist.

Finding information

Where is an email address located?

  • Check the mail app -- list of all addresses
  • Check the groups -- all groups are shown on the "admin groups" page, but the admin-only groups don't show up on the "my groups" page unless you are a member of them

Where is a setting for a particular behavior?

  • many settings are at the "admin" level, i.e., accessed from the admin dashboard. But some settings are at the "app" level -- from the dashboard, go to Apps, find the specific app, then go to its settings.