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An outdated version of the Dryad code is hosted by Google Code. We are now using GitHub. See instructions for Using Git.

How we moved from NESCent's subversion to Google Code

This process works best if all command-line activity is performed on the machine that host the subversion repository. It is possible to do a similar process remotely, but it is more complex, and username/password differences between the machine and Google Code will cause problems for older versions of the svn clients.

  • Dump the contents of the repository (all Nescent projects, not just Dryad) to a file. Need to do this on the machine that hosts svn.

svnadmin dump /path/to/svnroot > my_project.dump

  • Filter the dump file to contain only Dryad contents

cat my_project.dump | svndumpfilter include dryad > my_project_filtered.dump

  • Create a temporary subversion repository and load the filtered contents

svnadmin create /tmp/dryad-temp svnadmin load /tmp/dryad-temp < my_project_filtered.dump

  • Using normal subversion commands, check out a copy of the temporary repository and re-organize directories for use with Google Code.
  • In the Google Code site, reset the repository so it is at revision 0.
  • Tell Google Code that you want to sync with it.

svnsync init file:///tmp/dryad-temp --username syncuser --password syncpass

  • Run the sync

svnsync sync