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Handshaking is the process of coordinating submission between Dryad and specialized repositories in order to (a) lower user burden by streamlining the submission workflow and (b) allow Dryad and specialized repositories to exchange identifiers and other metadata in order to enable cross-referencing of the different data products associated with a given publication.

Target repositories

The initial NSF grant names two handshaking partners TreeBASE and GenBank, which Dryad's partner journals have previously identified as required points of deposition for phylogenetic tree data and DNA sequences, respectively. If the handshaking experiments with these repositories are successful in achieving the goals above, Dryad will work to implement handshaking mechanisms with additional specialized repositories as needed to satisfy the data deposition requirements of its partner journals.

Overview of process

  1. User starts manuscript submission at journal
  2. User is given a link for data deposition at Dryad
  3. At Dryad, user is asked whether they have data that should be deposited at another repository
  4. If yes, then depending on the repository:
    • Dryad captures the initial submission files and passes those to the specialized repository. After completing the Dryad submission, the user then follows a link to complete the submission at the external repository. OR
    • Dryad either opens a session at the external repository and the user goes through the full deposit process at the external site. The Dryad submission can be completed at any point during or after this process.
    • In both cases, publication metadata and data identifiers are passed between the repositories automatically.

Status of work

Pages describing the design and implementation status of handshaking for each repository are listed below: