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Start a new page

Please follow the Wiki Organization guidelines.

There are several ways, but the easiest is to type the new page in the URL and then edit that page. For example, if I wanted to create a page called IT under Help, I would change the URL to in the browser address bar, for example. Then I would edit and save that page.

We are using a MediaWiki. There is an in-depth guide at the MediaWiki site.

MediaWiki Quick Reference Guide



  • Use single brackets, [], to open in a new browser window.
  • Use double brackets to link to wiki pages, [[Help:IT]], for example. Opens in the same browser window.
  • See the respective article at MediaWiki

Changing the Sidebar

  • See the MediaWiki FAQ for how to access the pseudo-page for the sidebar (also called navigation bar, only visible in the monobook skin). Basically, replace the page name part of the current url with MediaWiki:Sidebar, for example for this wiki. Then click the Edit tab. You must have the sysop privilege to edit that page.
  • MediaWiki has documentation on how to change and add links, or create multiple boxes.


Make sure you have the toolbar enabled in your editing preferences. Note that MediaWiki version 1.6.x has a bug in that the toolbar doesn't show on Safari (even though the Javascript code to insert it is on the page). Check the version page to see which version of MediaWiki runs this site. If it is a 1.6.x version, use Firefox or Camino for editing on Mac OSX.

How do I sign an entry

Put four tildes to have your username and timestamp appear, and three for just your username. If your editor window shows the formatting buttons on top, the second last inserts your signature as a double-dash, followed by username and timestamp (four tildes), like this. --Hlapp 00:06, 17 August 2006 (EDT)

Uploading files and linking to them

  • When you're logged in, the "Upload file" option should appear in the sidebar under tools
  • Instructions for linking will appear at the top of the Upload file page
  • A list of existing files is here: