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Basic principles for organizing the Dryad wiki:

  • Every page must have a good name:
    • A name describes the content of the page, without any context from other pages to disambiguate it. However, the context "this page contains information as it applies to Dryad" can always be assumed.
    • Avoid using the word "Notes" in a page name, since it is redundant. Every page contains notes about something.
    • It is better to use spaces in names, rather than running words together.
    • If multiple pages with similar content exist, the names must make sense when viewed in a list.
  • Every page must belong to at least one category. This keeps pages from being lost and forgotten.
  • Categories can be created and nested as needed to manage the growth of pages.
  • The categories on the left navigation bar will reflect the major focus areas of the project. Each user may want to create their own user page, to provide an organization that is more useful for their day-to-day work with the wiki.
  • Write all pages in third person. Pages written in first person tend to become incorrect as they are edited by other users.

See also Documentation.