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A framework for reporting statistics on Dryad objects.


This framework can aggregate statistics for Dryad Data Packages and Dryad Data Files for specifiic date ranges, and per journal.


This feature is available as a command-line DSpace utility:

Command-line usage:

usage: dspace journal-stats
 -f,--from    Begin Date
 -h,--help    help
 -j           Journal Name (required)
 -t,--to      End Date

DCDate is used for date parsing, accepts '2014', '2014-01-01', or full ISO8601 formatting


$ /opt/dryad/bin/dspace journal-stats -j "Heredity"
$ /opt/dryad/bin/dspace journal-stats -j "Heredity" -f 2013-01-01 -t 2013-12-31


By default, the command-line tool will run all the statistics listed in Initially there are a few. The framework is designed to be used in other configurations beyond command-line interaction. Individual statistics are subclasses of and are templated for a single return value. This value may be a number (simple count) or a Map (e.g. for data packages submitted by month)