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Mockups in Design

Data Display Widget: A widget for viewing Dryad content on external sites.

Curator Notes: Designs for curator notes.

Update of Publication Metadata Wireframes: The automatic updating of metadata according to CrossRef when an article is published.

Submission System Usability: Suggested improvements for the submission system.

Suggested Terms Mockups: Mockups of term suggestion and autocomplete from controlled vocabularies (subject, scientific name, geographic area, geologic timespan) for both curator and data submitter.

Journal Landing Page Mockups: Mockups for a public page for each member journal.

Private Journal Page Mockups: Mockups for a private page accessible to representatives of each integrated journal.

GenBank Handshaking Mockups: Mockups for handshaking with GenBank, since it will be different than the other handshaking.

Mockups ready for implementation

Home Page Carousel Slides: Proposed standards for Featured Data and other (unique) slides.

Cost Recovery System Wireframes: Designs for the cost recovery system.

Mockups that have been implemented

Submission System Mockups: Mockups of changes to the first page of the submission system

DryadLab Mockups: Mockups of splash page, item display, and search results

Integrated Item View: Mockups of an Integrated Data Package/File Record

Login-Register Mockup: Mockups of a Login or Register screen for Journal-Submit webapp redirect

Search Results List: Mockups of the search results interface

TreeBASE Submission Mockups: Mockups and workflows of Dryad/TreeBASE integration in the submission system

Repository Handshaking Mockup: A step by step through submission handshaking using mockups

Search Results Brief Hits Display: Mockups for a change to a citation-like format in search results

Citation Link Mockups: A way for users to "bookmark" Dryad citations in other sites

Statistics Mockups: Display of statistics related to Dryad site and package and file pages (round one)

Front Page Stats Mockups: Display of the general repository stats on the front page

Item Viewer Stats Mockups: Display of the item level file and data package statistics

Front Page Feed Mockups: Display of the Dryad blog RSS feed in the Dryad front page

2013 Homepage Redesign Mockups Round 2: A general redesign of the Dryad website - 2nd round.

2012 Redesign Mockups: A general redesign of the Dryad website.