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STATUS: This page is outdated and no longer being maintained.
Please refer to the Curation and Metadata Profile pages for information about implementation in the repository.
Created October 2009 by Jane Greenberg.
Declared outdated July 2010 by Elena Feinstein.
  • study initiated to capture "status" of metadata records, when to know they are ready to be published. Sarah Carrier pursued this work in the metadata class, and ended up establishing the "Dryad" namespace, and then registered the "status" element for the Dryad application profile, following the Singapore Framework recommendation.
  • curation metadata = administrative metadata in many respects.
  • A selected review of standards follows here:
  • National Library of Australia’s Preserving Access to Digital Information (PADI) metadata schema - http://www.nla.gov.au/padi/metadata.html - includes elements that refer to status: 1. record status - status assigned to the resource for administrative purposes (accepted; on hold; rejected; under review); 2. date status - date the status was assigned, 3. reason for status, 4. review category- a category assigned to a record with "on hold" or "review" status that defines the type of review required.
  • METS - The mets header element <metsHdr> captures metadata about the METS document.
  • TEI and EAD - revision history.