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DryadLab content is stored in a DSpace collection called "DryadLab Activities".

Versioning will be performed on DryadLab content the same way as for regular Dryad content. NOTE: We still need to do some development work on this -- the package/file logic likely won't work for DryadLab activities.

Content in DryadLab may receive DOIs in the future, but we're not currently registering this content with DataCite.

DryadLab will not include search capabilities until we have a significant number of activities in place.

The educational materials will be released under a nonrestrictive CC-license (i.e. CC-BY).

Getting Content Into DryadLab

  1. Create a dummy data package
  2. Follow the process described in Large File Technology, with the following change:
    • Instead of importing new items into the 10255/2 (data file) collection, import them into 10255/dryad.7872 (DryadLab activities)

Structure of the package


  • data files being used
  • PDF file with full description for instructor
  • PDF files for use by students
  • metadata for everything else
    • author affilliations are useful/important -- we need to have them until we have integrated DryadLab with ORCID.
    • outcomes will be a list of bullets

Item display

This collection is rendered using the DryadLab theme.

BIRDD is a special case

The normal BIRDD content is stored in the BIRDD collection, not in DryadLab. Some activities from BIRDD will be incorporated into DryadLab.

We will not have many educational items with the scale of BIRDD. The educational resources for BIRDD will be placed on the NESCent EOG site, and link to content in Dryad.


All "handshaking" is managed manually for now, until we have enough content to warrant better treatment.

We will allow commenting on DryadLab content, but the comments themselves may be routed through an external site like Merlot.

When new packages are published in DryadLab, notifications/copies should be posted at:

  • Merlot
  • NSDL (in the Data Sheets section?)
  • Understanding Evolution

Design History

DryadLab Mockups page