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Status: This page is outdated and of historical use only.

This page describes work done by the DryadUK project from 2010 to 2011.

There is considerable scope for improvement of the metadata standards for datasets and data citations, in order to improve interoperability among publishers and data repositories, and to provide greater syntactical and semantic machine-readability to data citations. OU will lead the development and application of metadata standards for datasets, specifically use of MIIDI, the Minimal Information reporting standard for Infectious Disease Investigations for the annotation of new epidemiology and infectious disease datasets. This will include the development of a user friendly annotation environment using ISA-Creator, developed at the EBI and now moving to Oxford in conjunction with recently awarded BBSRC ISA Infrastructure grant.

Following successful development of CiTO, the Citation Typing Ontology, which enables encoding of journal citation information as RDF, we will develop DaCO, a parallel Data Citation Ontology, and will use this to permit publication of Dryad data citations as Linked Open Data. This will synergise with the JISC Open Citations Project. We wish particularly to explore reciprocal citations between Dryad and UKPMC.


  1. Use of MIIDI metadata standard and ISA-Creator for annotation of Dryad datasets.
    • MIIDI was proposed in 2009 as a method of defining appropriate metadata to accompany a journal article or a data set relating to an infectious disease investigation. During the Dryad-UK Project, this has now been developed into a formal XML schema. The MIIDI Web site, giving information about MIBBI and the development activities surrounding it, has been established at http://www.miidi.org.

A software system, the MIIDI Metadata Editor, has been created that uses the MIIDI schema to create a MIIDI Metadata Input Form for recording MIIDI-compliant metadata, validates the entered metadata as a MIIDI Report, and permits its export in a number of other formats including XHTML/RDFa, JSON and various serializations of RDF. The MIIDI Metadata Input Form is a Web form created from the MIIDI schema by the MIIDI Metadata Editor, that permits convenient entry of MIIDI-compliant metadata. It can be accessed at http://www.miidi.org:8080/input-form/.

  1. Development of DaCO/CiTO for data citation.
  2. Data citations on Web as Open Linked Data.
  3. Since Dryad uses DataCite DOIs, we have mapped the DataCite Metadata Kernel version 2.0 to RDF, to facilitate the publication of metadata accompanying Dryad datasets to RDF. A Google Doc detailing the mapping is at http://bit.ly/nGrhln. The DataCite2RDF mapping was then used to create exemplar mappings of the metadata accompanying a Dryad Data Package and the Dryad Data Files it contained to RDF. The RDF output is at http://bit.ly/qSkUyc.