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Notes from Dryad-UK Teleconference Wednesday 2nd February 2011

Status: This page is outdated and of historical use only.

This page describes work done by the DryadUK project from 2010 to 2011.

On the call: David Shotton, Tanya Gray, Brian Hole, Peggy Schaeffer, Todd Vision, Ryan Scherle

  • Tanya introduced herself and was welcomed onto the team.


  • Brian now has a server, has recently received the root password, and will install the Dryad D-Space instance on top of this in the near future.
  • There was discussion of the need to test the DB backup facilities.


  • David provided an update:
  1. At the Beyond the PDF Workshop, David spoke about Dryad on the first day. Subsequently during the workshop, Dryad was frequently mentioned by others as a suitable repository for datasets.
  2. Research Objects: David has planned a collaboration with Carole Goble, Sean Bechhofer and others at Manchester with a view to exemplifying the notion of Research Objects [1] using the data packaging employed in the JISC ADMIRAL Project [2]. Since Dryad submission was similar, perhaps we could also use a Dryad submission as another example.
  3. Ontology development: David intended to expand the SPAR (Semantic Publishing and Referencing ) Ontologies [3] to cover datasets, and requested input to the Dryad-UK wiki page for WP5 [4] with details of metadata requirements. Note: SPAR will enable the DataCite metadata elements [5] to be published in RDF.
  4. David also reported on potential collaborations with PLoS, who were interested in using the SPAR Ontologies in their revised production system, and with Microsoft Research who were keen to provide new semantic enhancements to Word documents, e.g. for semantic mark-up of references.
  • Todd encouraged us to read the blog entry by Jonathan Eisen, Academic Editor in Chief of PLoS Biology [6], re meeting of PLoS Editors in San Francisco soon.
[1] Bechhofer, S., D.D. Roure, M. Gamble, C. Goble, and I. Buchan (2010). Research Objects: Towards Exchange and Reuse of Digital Knowledge. Nature Preceedings. (Published 06 July 2010). doi:10.1038/npre.2010.4626.1.
[2] http://imageweb.zoo.ox.ac.uk/wiki/index.php/ADMIRAL_data_packages
[3] http://opencitations.wordpress.com/2010/10/14/introducing-the-semantic-publishing-and-referencing-spar-ontologies/
[4] https://www.nescent.org/wg_dryad/DryadUK_WP5
[5] http://datacite.org/schema/DataCite-MetadataKernel_v2.0.pdf
[6] http://phylogenomics.blogspot.com/2011/01/i-get-complaints-and-i-want-more-plus.html


  • Brian reported that a meeting with BMJ Open went well, and that integration should be quick, initially for data deposition upon paper acceptance, and subsequently upon submission. The journal is expecting several thousand papers per year, and the only data repository it will recommend is Dryad.
  • A meeting is scheduled with Biomed Central next Tuesday.
  • Lee-Ann Coleman and team had a meeting with the editors of OUP's journal J. Experimental Botany. Brian reported that feedback from the editors was non-committal at this stage, and that they were concerned about the long-term viability of Dryad.
  • Todd remarked that this sort of feedback from publishers and journals was valuable. Brian asked whether collecting such feedback was systematized. Todd said that in the past it had not been. It was agreed to attempt to do so – Brain would speak with Lee-Ann.
  • Todd mentioned the interaction David had catalysed with Maryann Martone re Journal of Neuroscience, which looked very positive. David added that Maryann would shortly be on sabbatical working with the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation in New York, and would have access to all SMA literature and potentially some datasets. David suggested that Todd might consider offering Dryad as a repository for SMA data, although (to David) the extent of such datasets and their links to journal articles are totally unknown.
  • Todd mentioned that there will be a PLoS editors in chief meeting in San Fran in a couple of weeks, and it would be good for us to have made progress with them by then.
    • Brian to follow up with the STM team about meeting with PLoS in the UK soon.
    • David will also be contacting them about WP5, and will coordinate contact with Brian.
  • As there was no representation from the BL STM team, Brian agreed to follow up with them and ask for a written summary of recent activity.


  • Various dates were suggested for the April Dryad workshop at the British Library, to be oriented towards publishers. Both David and Todd expressed a strong preference for the 4th April date, and for a Dryad Project meeting to be scheduled between the JISC Managing Research Data Workshop in Birmingham (March 28-29) and the Dryad workshop.
  • Brian promised to circulate a draft agenda for the Dryad Workshop for feedback.


  • (Todd will be out of contact 6-14 February.)
  • The meeting concluded after about 50 minutes.
  • Next meeting Wed 15 Feb 2011, 2 pm GMT. David and Tanya to attend BL in person. Brian to arrange lunch etc.