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Dryad Core Utilities are a set of Java Classes (in the org.datadryad.api package) that provide Dryad-specific enhancements for working with DSpace objects.


Dryad objects (Data Packages and Data Files) are stored in DSpace as Items. Items have very few first-class properties (there are only 6 columns in the ITEM table), so most of the properties are stored as metadata. Working with Data Packages and Data Files through this abstraction can be cumbersome. This package provides classes with Dryad-specific methods and properties.

This package includes classes such as

  • DryadObject - Base class, functionality common to both Data Packages and files (e.g. identifier, dateAccessioned, date logic)
    • DryadDataPackage - Data Package-specific functionality (publicationName, submittedProvenance, getDataFiles())
    • DryadDataFile - Data File-specific functionality (embargo, bitstream, total size)


See the accompanying tests for usage examples. These utilities were developed in tandem with the Journal Statistics Framework Technology

Relation to DSpace

These classes sit atop DSpace Items, Metadata, and Collections. They depend on collections for Dryad Data Files and Dryad Data Packages. Additionally, they expect the metadata schemas for Dublin Core and Prism to be loaded.