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STATUS: This page is no longer being maintained and of historical interest only.

Planning space for Dryad presence at the Evolution 2010 conference.


Need to bring:

  • (Ryan) power strip
  • (Ryan/Peggy) one of our laptops will always be in the booth to drive the large display
  • (Ryan) laptop for canned copy --- this will be a NESCent loaner (Mac)
  • (Ryan) security cables for monitors/laptops
  • (Peggy) Tons of magnets! (have-- in supply closet)
  • (Peggy) Banner for the front of the table DONE
  • (Peggy) brochures
  • (Peggy) reprints of articles from Piwowar, etc. Reprints of the Bioscience piece (out in May)
  • glossary sheet
  • (Peggy) prospectus


  • (Ryan shipped) 2 large monitors (23") for "datacrawl" and hands-on demo with the "canned" copy
  • (Jory) bookmarks -- should arrive by May 20. Jory will send 1800 to the conference and keep the rest at NESCent. DONE

Preparation still to do

  • laptop with a "canned" copy of Dryad for playing
    • (Ryan/Kevin) create
    • (Ryan/all) test
    • (Ryan/Kevin) find canned data to show users how to submit.

Lessons Learned

  1. Shipping equipment is much cheaper than renting.
  2. For a hands-on demo, you need a big screen with a (non-laptop) keyboard and mouse.