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How to safely upgrade the production machine to a new version of the Dryad code. This is an expanded, and more thorough, version of Updating the Codebase.

Let the #dev channel know that you're about to redeploy.

Before taking tomcat down:

  • Ensure you have tested the new code.
  • Go to the Dryad control panel and see if anyone is in the process of submitting or curating.
    • If they aren't, set a system-wide alert that the submissions will be closed for maintenance, and choose the option to "restrict authentication but maintain current sessions"
    • If they are, either wait until they are gone, or set a system-wide alert with a time attached.
  • On production server:
    • Update Maven profile configurations if necessary.
    • Check out a copy of the dryad-master branch and compile it:
sudo su - dryad
  • Wait until users are done using Dryad, or until the timer on the system-wide alert expires.
  • Force the failover system to route traffic to the secondary server: create the wiki page Do_The_Failover
  • Wait for the system to failover to the secondary server.
  • Deploy the updated code:
  • Verify that deploy is complete and new features work as expected.
  • Release the failover by deleting the page Do_The_Failover

Post-upgrade verification checklist:

  • ps auxwww | grep omcat to make sure that there is only one Tomcat process running.
  • Journal-submit webapp: confirm that the webapp is still authorized by running http://www.datadryad.org/journal-submit/test and making sure that the test entries show up in /opt/dryad/log/journal-submit.log.