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  STATUS: This page is outdated and not being maintained.

Article Keyword Sampling

For a sample, we used a recent issue from five Dryad “partner” journals:

  • American Naturalist (January 2007)
  • Molecular Biology and Evolution (January 2007)
  • Systematics Biology (October 2006)
  • Molecular Ecology (January 2007)
  • Evolution (January 2007)

From each issue, we captured the names and authors of research articles and keywords associated with them - as they were provided online - and dumped them into a spreadsheet. The accumulated raw data consisted of 104 articles and 600 keywords.

The keywords, approximately 90% of which had to be defined by researching on the web, were grouped into seven (7) general categories:

  • Taxon
  • Geography / Ecology / Populations
  • Time Period
  • Phenotype
  • Genotype
  • Method
  • Evolutionary Aspect

We then counted the keywords in each category for each journal, and the numerical data was transferred into a table.

(Note: Another member of the team, more familiar with the domain, remarked that the categorizations could benefit from further editing. Also, during the categorization of keywords, the “Geography / Ecology / Populations” category was formed. Ideally, these would have been kept separate. However, more domain expertise and time would have been necessary to do this properly.)