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STATUS: This page is no longer being maintained and of historical interest only.

This list of MRC participants and their work on Dryad is outdated but may have historical value.

Jed Dube

  1. A report assessing the strengths and limitations of selected scientific digital resource and data repositories (eg KNB and CIESIN)
  2. A preliminary list of key functionalities for DRIADE and recommendations (if any) of existing scientific repositories that satisfy those functionality requirements.
  3. A brief report summarizing metadata models
  4. A bibliography of resources on metadata research and repository development and implementation to inform DRIADE development. (The bibliography is derived from a survey of available resources, actively conducted through the end of November 2006.) Groupings include:
    • metadata - digital repositories (general) - scientific digital repositories, etc. - data grids - taxonomy & ontology
  5. Models: (conceptual diagrams for developing functional and metadata models)
  6. (With Ruth Monnig and Sarah Carrier) Evolutionary Biology Data Matrix Spreadsheet (Updated, 511kb) - a collection area to help identify and connect dataset characteristics, currently consisting of:
    • Method - Data Type - Data Format - Software - Repository - IP Rights - Notes - Source
  7. Rough mapping of Ecological Metadata Language (EML) onto Lagoze 96 (Warwick) classification (Action item from last meeting - work-in-progess)
  8. (With Sarah Carrier) Preliminary Metadata Application Profile
  9. Diagram of DRIADE references (orgs and people): PNG or GIF or VISIO 2000
  10. List of upcoming conferences - summer and fall, 2007
  11. Caffe Driade pronunciation research
  12. Research ideas for 2007 and Project SOW Spring 2007
  13. Sampling of Keywords for Articles in Five Journals + Methodology
  14. Survey Questionnaire:

Sarah Carrier

  1. Produce an annotated bibliography focusing on cognitive walkthrough methods/testing
  2. Assess vocabulary tools for data concepts
  3. Produce a bibliography of selected resources on the use and usability of data repositories
  4. Outline a use case study
  5. Application Profile - working spreadsheet
  6. Text Mining
  7. Dryad Application Profile Version 1.0
  8. A sample dataset in the Dryad Version 1.0 application profile
  9. Crosswalks

Dan Lucas

  1. Project DRIADE and The Semantic Web
  2. Poster: The Semantic Web and Project DRIADE (PNG)

Ruth Monnig

Statement of work for 2006

  1. Worked with Dr. Greenberg on projects for NESCent as assigned, including but not limited to the following items:
    • Collected rights management information for journals – this information is posted on the wiki.
    • Collected information on data set types from journals.
    • Collected data on “emerging issues” in digital repository creation.
    • Assisted with administration details for the partnership of <MRC> and NESCent.
    • Assisted in the Journal editor workshop.

Developing statement of work for 2006

  1. Under the direction of Dr. Greenberg, the following activities will be the focus of my work:
    • Assist in the planning of future workshops.
    • Work on a research plan examining scientists and actual scientific data preservation and sustainability, and related barriers.
    • Assist in the planning and development of research proposals and articles.
    • Assist with grant applications, and appropriate outside partnerships, as needed.

Dissertation interest:

As technology has advanced, so has our ability to create, store and manipulate data. In academic and scientific settings, this data has become a building block for knowledge. The ability to share this data is critical in the advancement of ideas, concepts, and practical research. In order to share data, there has to be data to share. While technology has mediated many “record-keeping” tasks, it has also imposed many challenges, both technical and cultural. Obsolescence threatens the physical life of data. Academic environments, government mandates and commercial and legal interests may also serve as barriers to data management and sustainability. I am interested in looking at the “state” of sustainability of scientific data sets. Is data being lost? What are barriers that prevent sustainability and data sharing?

Abbey Thompson

Preliminary comparison of similar website/repositories
Survey, FINAL DRAFT, resubmitted to IRB (November 2007)
EScience DRYAD Abstract, revised 9/19/07
Bearman & Lytle article, "The Power of the Principle of Provenance", scanned from Archivaria 21 (Winter 1985-86)
Microsoft EScience Conference Poster
Summary results from the 2008 survey
All responses from the 2008 survey‎
Final version of the survey in PDF format

Hollie White


  1. Original version (August 2007) of abstract submitted by Jane to the 2007 Microsoft eScience Workshop at RENCI
  2. Revised version (Sept 04 2007) of the abstract submitted by Jane to the 2007 Microsoft eScience workshop at RENCI


  1. Lecture by Dr. Paul Miller‎

Jane Greenberg