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DryadUK project meeting May 18th - Minutes

Status: This page is outdated and of historical use only.

This page describes work done by the DryadUK project from 2010 to 2011.

  • WP0
    • JISC mid-project report
      • Brian will distribute this for comments and final changes 18/19th. Aim to send to JISC at the start of next week. David to add Oxford budget info and WP5 update.
  • WP1 Mirror
    • Replication status
      • Ryan to work on this this week.
      • Brian to check with the BL on the backup/restore policy for the UK mirror, and testing of this.
  • WP2 Expanding journal range
    • BMJ Open
      • Now integrated, and the first dataset has been submitted.
      • 15 authors have been asked to submit, but because their details were collected over the last few weeks before switching integration live, they may need some additional encouragement. Brian to mention this to BMJ.
      • Brian to email the BMJ about publicity etc. At the same time to encourage use of Dryad 5-point text mentioning the benefits of Dryad. Will cc Peggy.
    • BioMed Central
      • Ryan to run latest BMC emails through the system today and feedback to BMC on them.
    • PLoS
      • Theo Bloom is ready to get things moving re integration etc. Brian needs to get the following to her in the next 3-5 days:
        1. Workflow diagrams of how Dryad works for integrated journals, both with and without data peer review. Brian to produce a draft of this in Powerpoint, then to work with Ryan on refining it.
        2. Screenshots of accessing datasets in Dryad via search and DOI - Brian to do.
        3. The proposed pricing models, including the new 4th proposal for large publishers - Peggy to send to Brian.
        4. List of existing partners/integrated journals - Brian to do.
        5. List of PLoS datasets in Dryad - Brian to do.
    • Biology Open, Open Biology
      • Brian in process of contacting, Peggy to supply some sample first contact text.
    • OUP
      • David arranging a meeting with OUP to discuss.
  • WP3 Sustainability
    • April 1st workshop - disseminating summary
      • Brian to send around summary for comments today, then out to participants Friday
  • WP4 Interoperability
  • WP5 Metadata standards
    • Update from David and Tanya
      • Tanya has made good progress on input forms for the draft MIIDI XML schema. Tanya to send a link to details of the editor.
      • Sample MIIDI records will be available soon.
      • Next step is to concentrate on determining the minimal information required.
  • WP6 Assessment and evaluation
    • Brian to review the google doc on deposit trends and Ryan then to create the data.
  • WP7 Dissemination
    • Current conferences:
      • Todd is at the Data citation principles workshop and the ORCID meeting in Harvard. Twitter hashtags are #hudc11 and #orcid5 for those interested in updates.
      • Brian will be in Boston for the SSP conference at the start of June and will also try to meet with the MIT dspace people.
    • Upcoming seminars and conferences
      • Action for everyone - please review the conferences page on the wiki and add any missing events!