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     Status: This page is outdated and of historical use only.  

The responsibilities and benefits of partnership in the Dryad Consortium

Journals can become partners in the Dryad Consortium. Current interim guidelines of the consortium stipulate that partner journals must:

  1. Approve the JDAP or a similar policy, at a minimum, encouraging public archiving of data.
  2. Appoint a representative to sit on the Consortium Board
  3. Cooperate with Dryad staff to integrate the journal submission system with Dryad's submission process.
  4. Have a commitment 
to helping to 
  5. Abide by the decisions of the Dryad Consortium Board, including financial obligations.

It is expected that partner journals will:

  • Request that their authors 
deposit relevant data to Dryad. This request usually appears in acceptance letters sent to authors.
  • Provide readers of the journal information about related content in Dryad. This typically consists of a published Dryad identifier (DOI) in the article and a link to the related Dryad content in the electronic edition article.

Benefits of partnership:

  • Each partner journal is eligible to vote on all Dryad policy decisions.
  • Partner journals may integrate their manuscript approval process with the Dryad submission system.
  • Partner journals receive regular reports about submissions to Dryad associated with their articles.
  • Dryad users will be able to browse content associated with specific partner journals. (under development)
  • Content in Dryad associated with a partner journal will display the journal's logo or cover image. (under development)
  • The features and capabilities of Dryad are prioritized by their value to partner journals. This includes which specialized repositories are selected for one-stop data deposition from Dryad.

Potential partners will want to read through the Dryad Partner Fact Sheet for further information.