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Status: This page is historical. Dryad now uses the domain name datadryad.org

The repository needs its own web presence, with a domain name separate from Nescent.

Although the major Dryad domain names are unavailable, we are still interested in naming the repository Dryad, because it is a good name and has already been given some exposure in the target community. While it is still possible to change the name, the new name would need to be very compelling.

Variants of dryad

name comments
dryad.org unavailable
dryad.com Owned by Servicepoint, a russian domain squatter. There is no web site, and it is unclear whether they want to sell. It expires on December 17th.
dryad.net Owned by Protected Domain Services, a Colorado domain squatter. Used for catching random traffic and serving ads. It expires on November 15th.
datadryad Seems to be the current favorite.
mydryad too trendy?
dryadr relatively simple to pronounce/type, but may be difficult to remember
dryad-repo dryadrepo is difficult to read
dryaddata the doubled d makes it look strange

Other possible names

name meaning comments
hamadryad a powerful species of dryad only .info and .org are avaialble
oxylos "of the forest", a specific hamadryad .com is taken by a french site
meliai spirit of the ash tree
daphnaie spirit of the laurel tree

More hamadryad names are available at wikipedia, but those that are easy to pronounce/spell are already registered as domain names.

Are there any good names of species that collect and organize things?

Unavailable names

  • digitaldata