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Status: This page is of historical use only. The feature was implemented for Dryad 1.11. Documentation of the technical details appears on Submission System Workflow.


User Requirements:

  1. Some journals want the metadata to be suppressed until the article is published.
  2. Authors, journals, and Dryad want the data package DOI to resolve as early as possible in the process.
  3. Dryad curators should be minimally impacted by the new process.

Functional Requirements:

  1. The journal configuration file contains a boolean option called publicationBlackout.
  2. For journals with publicationBlackout=true, authors aren't allowed to select "publish immediately" option for the embargo
  3. when curator approval is given, if article is not yet published, the data package goes into an "approved" queue -- NOT into the main repository
    1. At this time, the DOI is registered, but no metadata is submitted to EZID, and the DOI resolves to a special page (all "approved" items resolve to the same page).
    2. The "approved" page is http://datadryad.org/publicationBlackout
  4. When the article is published:
    1. Dryad finds out via: a journal's eTOC, RSS feed, entry in PubMedCentral, or a user filling out the form above.
    2. curator adds final publication details (eventually will be automated, but initially manual)
    3. curator (or automated process) moves the data package into the main archive
    4. The DOI is updated to point to the published data package
    5. full metadata is sent to EZID

Elena's notes on requirements

  • Curators need to be able to "take" a task, edit it, and then send it to the "approved" queue. That is, "send to queue" needs to be another option alongside Approve item and Reject item. (Consider re-labeling these buttons to "Approve and publish" and "Send back to depositor"?)
  • As stated above, sending an item to the queue should generate an acceptance/DOI email to the depositor. Publishing an item from the queue to the main repository will need to be distinguished from the existing Approve function, since the email needs to be different. (Currently, there is no way to get an item into the public repository without generating the all purpose approval email to the depositor, which would be redundant and confusing in this case.) If others think that there shouldn't be a second email when a queued item is published, that's fine with me.
  • As stated above, sending an item to the Approved queue should automatically register at least the package DOI so that it points to http://datadryad.org/publicationBlackout, and publishing a queued item should automatically update the registered DOI to point to the item URL. Currently, using the interim process, when a curator approves an item for which we have manually registered the package DOI to point to the metadata blackout page, the location isn't overwritten in EZID and must be manually updated.

Proposed email text

When item enters the Approved queue (accepted but metadata hidden)

Subject: Dryad submission accepted doi:10.5061/dryad.#####
Body: We are pleased to archive your data associated with "(Article title)" in Dryad. Once your article is published, your Dryad data package will be made public and the files will be available for download unless you selected an embargo beyond article publication. This DOI, which we encourage you to add to the final version of your article, can be presented as shown below.

Data deposited in the Dryad Repository: http://dx.doi.org/10.5061/dryad.#####

We invite you to contact us at help@datadryad.org if there is any delay in making your Dryad data package public after the publication of your article.

Check out the information for depositors at http://www.datadryad.org/depositing

  • How do I refer to my Dryad data in my article?
  • How can I see how often my data package is viewed and downloaded?
  • How can I add my data package to a Data section on my CV?
  • If my data files are embargoed, when will they be released?
  • and more!

Thanks for taking this important step to preserve and share your research data. We welcome your feedback! Contact us at help@datadryad.org.

When item moves from the Approved queue to the public repository

Subject: Dryad data package published doi:10.5061/dryad.#####
Body: Your Dryad data package at http://dx.doi.org/10.5061/dryad.##### has been published in the repository. The data files will be available for download according to the embargo option you selected. Thanks again for archiving your data!

Interim process

Process that will be used until this feature is in place:

  1. Deposits for previously integrated journals will be handled as normal.
  2. For deposits associated with non-integrated journals (including the journals that have expressed concern about metadata availability):
    1. Elena will use a special curator account to grab the data package out of the pool.
    2. The data package will remain in this account's workspace until the article is published.
    3. The DOI will be manually registered and directed to the publicationBlackout page.

Tasks remaining

  1. wording for the page the DOI links to
  2. wording for email that goes out upon article approval
  3. email that goes out when the article is published??
  4. implement the technical process
  5. flesh this page out to be a full "features" page
  6. review wording throughout website when discussing embargo