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STATUS: This page is no longer being maintained and of historical interest only.


Some ideas about how we might present the Dryad workflow to end-users. We're abstracting away all the hard work that takes place behind the scenes.

How do I submit data to Dryad?

  1. Submit your article to a journal as normal.
  2. Along with your notification of acceptance, the journal will send a link to the Dryad submission system.
  3. Dryad will display information (metadata) about the article. Some of the metadata comes from the journal's submission system, and some is automatically extracted from the article text. Proofread the metadata and fill in any missing information, then upload your data files.
  4. If Dryad is aware of other repositories relevant for your data files, you will be informed. Simply proofread the metadata and approve the submission.
  5. When you complete final revisions to your article, upload the final copy to the journal. The publisher will insert Dryad data identifiers in the proper location, so others who read the article may locate your data files.
  6. Dryad will preserve your data and keep it available for others to build upon.

Can I submit data for a previously-published article?

Absolutely! Simply login to Dryad, and choose the "submit data" button. You are encouraged to submit any data files associated with your previous publications.