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Status: Out of date. See Cost Recovery System Wireframes for the final wireframes.

Mockups for the Pay On Deposit system. This system is used when the fee for a submission is not covered by one of Dryad's subscription plans.

Comments from Dryad Board 2012-11-17

  1. We must incorporate support for multiple currencies. The exact design for this will depend on which payment processor is chosen, but we should try to automate the process as much as possible. That is, use the IP address to guess at which currency a depositor would like to use, but provide them with the option to pay in other currencies. One possible source of inspiration is AirBnB. See their help page on paying.
  2. when a journal pays for the deposit:
    1. delete the "total = $0"
    2. Change the wording to "JOURNAL X has paid for archiving this data package in Dryad. For details of journal pricing, click here."
  3. make the "your card will not be charged" more prominent
  4. on the final submission, after payment info has been entered, remove the word "brief"
  5. increase the size of text above the Submit button (it shouldn't look like "fine print") -- make it more eye-catching
  6. page title shouldn't switch back and forth between "submission overview" and "checkout"
  7. in the 4 steps change "approve data for publication" to "submit data for publication"
  8. Early in the process (the first time submitters see something about payment?), there should be a way to "apply for a fee waiver". This will allow users to specify that they are associated with an institution in a low-income country. The method for specifying will be a dropdown box (or auto-complete textbox?) that contains a list of valid countries. Once the author has selected this option, a fee waiver will be added to their charges, making the total $0.

Describe article/file pages

Mockups not yet available.

Once the user has completed the initial submission page, a summary of the submission cost will be shown on each page of the submission system. This makes submitters aware of any cost before they proceed too far.

Submission summary


Adding payment information


Viewing entered payment information


Alternate view when submission has been paid by a journal