Package Level Metadata Editing

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Dryad curators need to be able to edit metadata for a package and all associated files in a single interface.

Refer to Trello card #38.


  • General information:
    • Current handling of package-level metadata editing: Copy and paste metadata from package to files.

  • Situations where this feature is useful:
    • Submitters add titles to their names that have to be removed by curators.
    • Submitters use a different name than the name they published with.
    • Submitters may leave out their middle initial.
    • It may not be clear to submitters where the metadata should go (ex. metadata in subject has to be moved to scientific name).
    • For integrated journals, the system does not render information well and will include several entries (separated by a comma) in one metadata field.
    • Formatting may be incorrect (ex. unnecessary capitalization).

  • Possible places in the Dryad system to add this feature:
    • Item Metadata page

  • Suggestion(s) for a quick fix:
    • Want to search for author name and get the files, not just the package. When searching, you only get the package and you have to open every file, one at a time. Can be a public search or just for curators. Very useful.