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This page should replace the weekly summary reports from the curator to the representatives of integrated journals, providing richer content to journals and lessening the burden on Dryad curators.


  1. Requires login by journal representative (Could we create a new Dryad users group with appropriate privileges, like the "curators" group has set privileges, and put this page in place of My Submissions page for these users?)
  2. Displays items recently added to the main repository and to the review workspace
  3. Access to metadata emails? (Being able to pull up the content of the metadata emails within the user interface would also make curation more efficient, as specified in Sam Kome's report. Two birds, one stone?)
  4. Recently updated list for items that have been edited, versioned, embargoes lifted, etc. ? (not shown in the mockup -- would this be a valuable feature to add?)


Journal rep page.png