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For collecting ideas regarding what repository-wide statistics to publicly report and where.

Dryad home page

  • Total number of data packages and files from [once ORCID exists] total number of authors
  • Total number of journals
  • Most popular data packages (all time, last month, last day/week)
  • Also needed on front page (but not really statistics): featured dataset (a popular recent download? a weekly curator pick?), featured journal (i.e. most recently integrated), featured DryadLab activity

Global Statistics Display

Journal Statistics Display


  • ideas for naming these pages/displays: usage metrics, online usage, usage data, data publication impact measures/metrics, use counts, usage analysis, impact analysis, usage analytics, etc.
  • an additional idea for the journal statistics page: I'd like to suggest a breakdown or bar chart of data files deposited by calendar year, so that it's easy to see how the number of deposits grows (esp. when a journal completes integration)

--Peggy Schaeffer 10:38, 26 January 2012 (EST)

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