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Background articles on Institutional Repositories and Usability:

  • McKay Ariadne article
  • Atkinson, L. (2006) "The Rejection of D-Space: Selecting Theses Database Software at the University of Calgary Archives". In Proc. 9th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Quebec City, QC, Canada
  • Cunningham, S.J., et al. (2007) "An Ethnographic Study of Institutional Repository Librarians: Their Experiences of Usability". In Proc. Open Repositories 2007. San Antonio, TX, USA
  • Michigan's Deep Blue study

Many more references can be found on WG:Deliverables:_Sarah

Other notes:

  • Dave Clements indicated that a Glossary is essential. Often, your users will not be familiar with all terms that you expect them to be familiar with. It is helpful to include some basic testing of vocabulary knowledge when you do usability testing.