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Status: This page is for historical purposes only. The associated feature has been implemented.

Brief Search Results Mockups

Citation as Brief Search Results

1. Citation search results #1


Red plain text authors; bolded green/link title; doi when found in record; periods between citation parts


1) here

2. Citation search results #2


Green/link title not bolded


1) here

3. Citation search results #3


Green/link title bolded again and more space around each citation (previously the authors were on a separate line and indented so the lack of space wasn't as apparent). No periods after each citation part (though still after title(?)).


  1. I like this one best. I think the extra space between entries makes the results much easier to read. Also prefer the bold title and minimal use of periods. --Elenafeinstein 12:22, 17 August 2010 (EDT)
  2. I also like the extra space and minimal periods, but I would prefer to have the titles non-bold. --Ryan Scherle 10:00, 18 August 2010 (EDT)
  3. If we go with this one, need to check for existing punctuation (?, etc.) before adding period at end of title (if we want one there). --Kevin Clarke 13:48, 18 August 2010 (EDT)

Discussion about Mockups

Between Ryan, Elena, Hilmar and Kevin

Ryan: DOI not needed, it appears on the item page and it might confuse General consensus: less punctuation (in the style of the item view citation) - though there are differences (search results contain journal name and item page says 'Dryad Data Repository')

No bolding of the title link? Though Hilmar notes the green/red is bad for color blind people so since we are using color to indicate functionality this is a problem. Does the bolding work as a link hint for this user group? Underlining? Ryan: change the color scheme to use the brown highlighting (like on the Dryad bookmark) Hilmar: bolding might be good when length of authors varies but if we use just two authors, and the length of that information is more uniform, them perhaps it's not as necessary (see below for more on this).

Hilmar: title first vs. author first in citation display could be a presentation checkbox (to dynamically change how the display works); author should be first option and user could select title as an alternate display (this would be configured in the search box above - we don't have a way to persist across sessions with user account at this point)

The full list of authors in search results might not be the best use of space (keeping the most relevant information scannable). Just the first two and then et al. for the rest would be one approach. Alternatively, Hilmar says first and last, with ellipses in between them, would be the most useful to him.

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