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Dryad enables users to download citations for data packages in the RIS and BibTex formats for importing into their desktop citation management software. Dryad also enables sharing and bookmarking of data packages on a variety of social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Mendeley, Delicious, CiteULike, Digg, etc.) Both these options take advantage of Dryad DOIs to provide a consistent mechanism for referencing Dryad Data Packages.


The option to download a citation for a Dryad data package is available underneath the citation display found at the top of every page that displays a Dryad data package. Underneath the citation, on the right side of the page, is the option to cite or share the Dryad data package information.


Clicking on the 'cite' option will display information about how the Dryad data package citation can be downloaded to the desktop. Clicking on 'RIS' or 'BibTex' will download the citation in that format.


Alternatively, Dryad data packages can be shared on a variety of social networking sites (Delicious, Twitter, CiteULike, Facebook, Mendeley, etc.) To do this, click the 'share' link and then select from the displayed social networking sites.


Technical Documentation

More information about the technical details behind downloading a data citation and sharing a link to a Dryad Data Package can be found on the Citation Sharing Technology page.

Design History

Dryad's selection of citation download formats was based on looking at how others in the same space are providing the functionality, in particular the way PLOS ONE handles it. We tested several citation management software packages (EndNote, etc.) to confirm that they could import the format of RIS that we export.

Dryad also used the linking mechanisms suggested by the social networking sites that we support. If a site supplied a !JavaScript to make the link we used that. If a site used an iframe to support the bookmarking activity, we used that.