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Dryad social media channels

This page describes Dryad's primary social media channels. See Google doc for account details.

  • Blog
    • description: general outlet for feature announcements and longer discussions of issues relevant to the Dryad user community; original content, news about Dryad of broad interest
  • Twitter - we post two different Twitter feeds:
    • @datadryad for general news about Dryad and open data
      • account uses alias
    • @datadryadnew for notices of new data (@datadryadnew)
  • Facebook page
    • description: typically echoes content from the Datadryad Twitter account, but could accept more content
    • who contributes: Dryad (via Twitter @datadryad)
  • YouTube channel
  • Google+ page
    • description: It's just a basic placeholder
  • LinkedIn

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