Staff Offboarding Checklist

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This is a very preliminary list of tasks to be completed when a staff member leaves Dryad.

  • Have the staff member create a list all activities that they have been performing. Determine how these activities will be handled when the staff member is gone.
  • Hand off responsibility for editing/managing documentation.
  • Conduct an exit interview.
  • Collect keys.
  • In their Dryad accounts (both production and dev/staging), remove membership to privileged groups: Curators, Administrators, etc.
  • Redirect email accounts:
    • Reset the account password
    • Log into the user's email and set a forwarding address
    • If the user receives a lot of email, do not suspend the account, because it won't forward email.
    • Once an account has been out of use for a year, or if it was not a heavy email user, suspend the account.
    • Do not delete the account. If you delete a user, you also delete that user's Vault archive.
  • In the Google Admin tools, go to Apps, Google Drive and transfer document ownership for all documents.
  • Remove them from the Our Team page on the Dryad site.
  • Move them them to the alumni in the Participants and WG:Participants.
  • Disable account in FogBugz.
  • In Trello, remove them from the Dryad organization and any boards.
  • In Slack, mark their account as "disabled".

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