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Open issues

Resolved issues

Submission Timeout (FB397, FB961, and email)

Status: Resolved

Problem: If an author leaves the web browser for a period of time, the session will time out, and partially filled-in information will be lost. Some authors mistakenly think the partial submission will be saved, and are confused about where their content went.

Resolution: The submission system was integrated with the core DSpace submission system, which allows partial submissions to be saved.

Submissions are not immediately searchable (FB77)

Status: Resolved

Problem: There is an issue with the search system that causes newly-submitted material to not appear in searches until it is edited by a curator.

Resolution: The search system was redesigned to allow more flexible searching, and this issue was fixed as part of the work on the new system.

Files with Non-ASCII Characters in Name (FB1578)

Status: Resolved

When authors/depositors attempted to upload files with non-ASCII characters in the name, files failed to get through the submission system. Dryad currently filters out these characters. In a future release, we will re-enable handling for these types of characters.

Dryad is not recognizing my manuscript # (FB384)

Status: Resolved

Problem: The author's manuscript number was not available in Dryad.

Resolution: Notified author that the article in question was accepted before Dryad began receiving AmNat metadata. Author attempted to submit "from scratch", but ran into another issue (FB397).

Confusion about manuscript number availability (FB221)

Status: Resolved

Problem: Author/Editor was confused that nonvalid manuscript numbers were accepted for Dryad deposits. (Although they did not bring up prepopulated information.)

Resolution: Modified the submission system to be more strict about accepting manuscript numbers, and to provide better feedback.

Last author dropped in processing

Status: Resolved

Problem: The last author of each article was removed by the email processing system.

Resolution: Rewrote the relevant section of the email processing system.

Manuscripts not available

Status: Resolved

Problem: There was an outage in processing emails from AmNat, resulting in manuscript numbers being unavailable when some authors tried to submit.

Resolution: Email processing was turned back on. (Changes in the Duke email system had disabled our processing filters.)

Bounced email message

Status: Resolved

Problem: AmNat received a message indicating one of their emails had bounced.

Resolution: The processing worked correctly, this message was erroneously sent as a side effect of our work on making the processing completely automated.

Unknown manuscript number

Status: Resolved

Problem: Due to errors in processing email from the journal, two authors were told that their manuscript number did not exist.

Resolution: The problem was corrected, and the authors were notified.