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Dryad's submission system allows users to quickly and easily submit data packages. Key features include:

  1. Integration with journals -- allowing authors to automatically fill the Dryad forms with information from the journal's description of an article, and automatically notifying journal editors when a Dryad submission is completed.
  2. Minimal description requirements -- Dryad minimizes the amount of typing/clicking required by submitters. Descriptions are automatically propagated from the article description to descriptions for individual data files. Reasonable defaults are set for the various choices available.
  3. Integration with partner repositories -- allowing submitters to use Dryad information as a starting point for submitting content to another repository.

See also the journal-oriented Submission Integration page.


An overview of the Dryad submission process can be seen in the Dryad submission video.

For a journal-oriented view of the process, see Submission Integration.

Technical Documentation

Technical documents are available on several topics:

Design history

Mockups of submission features:

Back-end submission features: