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The following are usability improvements to be made to the submission system.

Add/Remove and Reorder Authors

Priority issue from 2013 usability testing findings. Refer to Trello Card #71 on the Dryad Development board.

Problem: People are selecting the pre-populated authors thinking that they are accepting the data, when they are actually removing the authors. If the authors are selected, then they are automatically removed when continuing to the next page, even if the 'remove selected' button is not clicked. Also, there is no capability for reordering the authors.

Possible Design Solution:

---In progress---

Manuscript Number Issues --COMPLETED

Priority issue from 2013 usability testing findings.

Problem: The manuscript number input box is supposed to display after selecting a journal name under the accepted status. The manuscript number input box does not display until you press the tab button or check the CC0 checkbox.

Possible Design Solution: Force people to select a journal name from the drop-down menu. As soon as a journal is selected, display the input box. In usability testing, all participants selected a name from the drop-down menu.

Disable Editing of Journal Name --COMPLETED

Problem: The journal name can be edited on the Describe Publication page.

Possible Design Solution: Display the journal name as plain text. Currently, the journal name is displayed in an editable input box.

Max File Size and Instructions for Uploading Large Files

Problem: If someone is uploading a large file, the connection may time-out, but there is no system feedback to let the user know that there was a problem with the upload. Refer to Trello Card #42 on the Dryad Development board.

Possible Design Solution:

Short-term: Instructions should be shortened and made more prominent by (at least) correcting alignment. It should clearly state the maximum file size allowable for uploading an individual file.

Long-term: If the user selects a file that is too large for uploading, their standard OS alert message appears directing the user to e-mail the help desk. Include a progress bar while the file is being uploaded.

Dryad DescDataF.png

Deter Users from Uploading Non-shareable Files

Problem: Some users upload file types that are not commonly used.

Possible Design Solution: If the user selects a file with a non-shareable file type, then their standard OS alert message appears encouraging them to change the file type.

Save Notification

Problem: Clear indication that changes are being saved as submitters move from page to page is needed. Refer to Trello card #43 on the Website users perspective board.

Possible Design Solutions:

Option 1

Dryad Saving1.png

Option 2

Dryad Saving2.png


Problem: Users are automatically logged out after being inactive for a certain amount of time. A warning message is needed to ask users if they want to log out or continue working on their submission. After a user is automatically logged out, a message should be displayed saying that they have been logged out due to inactivity. Currently, when users are automatically logged out, the page says "We can't find the page you asked for."

Possible Design Solution:

Subsys usab idlemsg.png