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When articles are published, the appropriate metadata in Dryad should be updated automatically, based on metadata in CrossRef.

Please refer to Trello Card #20 and Update of Publication Metadata

Original requirements

  • The current process
    • Every week, curators perform random searches for articles that may have been published. Non-integrated journals do not notify curators when an article is published. Some integrated journals wait awhile to notify curators, and by then the article may have been published for several months.
    • Currently, authors e-mail curators about their article being published, but not all authors do this.
    • Sometimes article title and order of authors are totally different, which can make it difficult to search for an article that may/may not have been published.
  • How often should these updates run? Weekly?
    • Ryan expects Dryad to find a published article at least several times a week.
  • Sarah Carrier worked on Dryad before there were things to curate. She had ideas about how the system should be
    • Old:Interface_Mockups
    • Inbox for curators. Didn’t happen because not much time was devoted to the curator interface
  • Can create a new section/page in Dryad
    • Gets rid of need for notifications
  • Is there value in adding DataCite? Would it be clutter on the screen?
    • DataCite should agree exactly with Dryad.
  • Look to MusicBrainz for inspiration
    • Need a magic button that fixes formatting according to curator rules
  • Having a notification indicator next to submissions, but also need something higher level
    • Something at the top that immediately gets your attention (maybe a notification bar)
  • Curators will need a way to link an authors name to an ORCID
    • In Dspace, the icons (gear, thumbs up) are only partially turned on. Revisit these for the ORCID functionality

Dryad Project Retreat 2013

The following items are the result of the breakout sessions during the Dryad retreat 2013. The information underneath each item are from individual interviews with the curation staff in order to determine the usefulness of the ideas from the Dryad retreat.

  • Header section to open doi landing page and view metadata in crossref
    • Header section? Doi of the article?
  • Button to “check crossref now”
    • Possible placement of button:
      • On package page or separate tab in Edit Item section
      • Maybe on the public-facing page of submission, but hidden from the public, in the title section.
    • Yes, this button is useful in addition to the nightly update.
    • Maybe on the public-facing page of submission, but hidden from the public, in the title section.
  • Nightly update - create a queue for “recent crossref updates” - satisfies
    • Would it show up in queue if all metadata is exactly the same as crossref (no need to update)?
    • Could be a lot to go through.
    • Queue is fine, no need for notification.
  • Notification next to submissions requirement
    • Want notifications somewhere. May be a situation where we’re not taking info from crossref, so submission may not end up in the crossref update queue.
      • Ex. Worldcat is used for book publication data. Also, conference proceedings can come from conference web sites. These are rare instances
  • Comparison interface (us vs. crossref)
    • Are files included in this interface as well as the package?
      • Author name, subject field, etc need to be propagated to the file level.
      • Also depends on how journal handles subjects. Some journals have limitations on subjects.
        • Standardization of subject fields in Dryad?
    • Most important to match: title, abstract, author names and order, date issued, doi, journal name.
    • Authors may put extra subjects that may not match with crossref. How to handle this?
  • Add ORCIDs from crossref, may be part of comparison/reconciliation view
    • Would we update Dryad with info from ORCID or from article?
    • Awesome idea. Would we go back and apply ORCIDs to previous submissions?
    • Sounds like a good idea, but would be time consuming
  • Automatically update datacite record when metadata changes (already implemented)
    • Make sure that datacite and crossref play well together
    • Not sure. Datacite and crossref are not used

Most Recent Wireframe

Need to rename the "Suggested Updates" column.


Feedback on Outdated Wireframes

  • Wireframe 1 (publication metadata on a separate tab) is chosen
    • This is a one-time process, so having it on the Edit Item page could be disruptive, unless it only displays when necessary
  • Update button - change to ‘save’
  • Undo link - change to ‘undelete’
  • Edit should be on the Dryad side, not CrossRef. Or change CrossRef Updates to ‘What Updates Will Be’ or ‘Suggested Changes/Updates’
  • Does the entire list need to be seen? If so, there is no point in having publication met update tab, just work it into the Edit Item section
  • Add refresh text to refresh button. Convey that changes made on the page will NOT be saved if the refresh button is used
  • Separation of responsibilities - should this only be for senior curators? Should assistant curators get a more guided process?

Outdated Wireframes

Wireframe 1


Wireframe 2


Wireframe 3