Using an Article DOI or PubMed ID in the Submission System

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This page describes how to use an article DOI or a PubMed ID during the data submission process to automatically import the article details.


The Dryad submission system enables authors to enter an article DOI (Digital Object Identifier) or PMID (PubMed ID) when describing the associated publication, instead of typing in all the article's bibliographic details (authors, title, abstract). This simplifies and expedites the step of describing the article, and ensures that the details are accurate.

  • A DOI, or Digital Object Identifiers, is a character string used to permanently and uniquely identify an article or other digital object. Most scholarly journals assign a DOI for each article, and display it with the article citation in both online and print versions of the article. An example of a DOI is doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0027052.
  • A PMID, or PubMed Identifier, is a unique number assigned to each entry in PubMed, which includes the MEDLINE database of biomedical literature. An example of a PMID is PMID:21593852.


In the submission system, the author is asked to describe the publication associated with the data files. On the first screen, if the author indicates that the associated article has been published, a box appears for inputting the article DOI or PMID. After the author enters a DOI or PMID, and clicks to accept the CC0 waiver, and moves to the next screen, most of the article details (title, authors, abstract) will be present on the page.


Technical Documentation

More information about the technical details behind using a DOI or PubMed ID to identify an article in the submission system can be found at Repository Development Plan, and Submission System.

Design History

This feature was designed to further streamline the process of uploading data to Dryad, and is part of release 1.11, April 2012.