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This page is a scratchpad for workpackages that are planned to be implemented by @mire.

Work packages in progress

Work packages in planning

Download bagit package

Scheduled for: 1.12 release

Feature overview: Users are able to download data packages in their entirety directly from the data package pages.

Functional requirements:

  1. On each data package page, there should be a link/button to download the entire package.
  2. Beside the link/button is an indication of the the estimated size of the package.
  3. When the button is pressed, the user's browser begins to download a zip file that contains the entire data package.
  4. If a data package is too large to reasonably deliver in a zip file, the button is replaced with a message indicating that the package is too large to download in one piece (this is expected to be a small fraction of the total data packages).

Implementation notes: It would be convenient for the button to use the bagit packaging system that already exists.

Treebase roundtripping

Scheduled for: (not scheduled yet)

Overview: When viewing a page for an item harvested from TreeBASE, there should be a link to the associated Dryad data package (if one exists). When viewing a Dryad data file that has been submitted to TreeBASE, there should be a link to the associated record in TreeBASe.

DataONE authentication/replication

Scheduled for: (not scheduled yet)

Hierarchical search

Scheduled for: (not scheduled yet)

Overview: The search system supports search over hierarchical concepts (e.g., "all mammals"), using hierarchies defined by controlled vocabularies.

Coauthor PIN

User Account Improvements