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:''Relevance of DataONE & the DataNet program to Dryad '' [http://wiki.datadryad.org/wg/dryad/images/d/d1/Dryad_DataNet_Relevance_Michener_2013.pdf Slides]
:''Relevance of DataONE & the DataNet program to Dryad '' [http://wiki.datadryad.org/wg/dryad/images/d/d1/Dryad_DataNet_Relevance_Michener_2013.pdf Slides]
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Oxford, UK 24 May, 2013


Introductions, What is Dryad, review of agenda by William Michener (Board Chairman) Slides

Current status of the Dryad Digital Repository

Uptake by users and journals, Todd Vision (Secretary & NSF Principal Investigator) Slides
Content and curation, Elena Feinstein (Lead Curator) Slides
Recent and upcoming features, Ryan Scherle (Repository Architect) Slides

Current status of Dryad the nonprofit organization

Governance, William Michener (10 minute)
Membership and pricing plans, Laura Wendell (30 minutes) Slides

Emerging issues forum

Marianne Bamkin JoRD
Model journal policies and implementation Prezi
Jonathan Tedds PREPARDE
Review of data associated with publications Slides
Simon Hodson JISC
Using grant and institutional funds for data archiving costs Slides
Sarah Callaghan CODATA-ICSTI Task Group on Data Citation
The CODATA-ICSTI data citation recommendations Slides
Martin Fenner PLOS ALM
Tracking data usage and impact - NO SLIDES
Eefke Smit STM
The how and why of repository certification Slides
Susanna-Assunta Sansone ISA and Biosharing
Helping researchers to collect, curate, analyse, share and publish - ISA and BioSharing roles Slides
Bill Michener DataOne
Relevance of DataONE & the DataNet program to Dryad Slides