2013 Membership Meeting

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Introductions, What is Dryad, review of agenda by William Michener (Board Chairman) Slides

Current status of the Dryad Digital Repository

  • Uptake by users and journals, Todd Vision (Secretary & NSF Principal Investigator) Slides
  • Content and curation, Elena Feinstein (Lead Curator) Slides
  • Recent and upcoming features, Ryan Scherle (Repository Architect) Slides

Current status of Dryad the nonprofit organization

  • Governance, William Michener (10 minute) Slides
  • Membership and pricing plans, Laura Wendell (30 minutes) Slides

Emerging issues forum

Marianne Bamkin JoRD
Model journal policies and implementation Prezi

:Jonathan Tedds PREPARDE

Review of data associated with publications Slides

:Simon Hodson JISC

Using grant and institutional funds for data archiving costs Slides

Sarah Callaghan CODATA-ICSTI Task Group on Data Citation

The CODATA-ICSTI data citation recommendations Slides

Martin Fenner PLOS ALM

Tracking data usage and impact - NO SLIDES

Eefke Smit STM

The how and why of repository certification Slides

Susanna-Assunta Sansone ISA and [Biosharing

Helping researchers to collect, curate, analyse, share and publish - ISA and BioSharing roles Slides

Bill Michener DataOne

Relevance of DataONE & the DataNet program to Dryad Slides