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The automated publication updater is a webapp that can be run by a curator to validate items in workflow (in review, in curation, in pub blackout) and in the archive and notify curators if new publication data is available at CrossRef.

To execute the webapp, run http://<your dryad server>/publication-updater/retrieve. Emails should be sent to dryadassistant@datadryad.org, which is a Google Group. Curators can subscribe to that group to see the results.


The updater iterates through each journal that has a journal concept with an ISSN. It first looks through the workflowItems that are packages associated with that particular journal. For each of those items, it does two things:

  • Compares the item to the journal metadata database: it makes sure that the item is up to date with the latest metadata we received from the journal.
  • If the journal provided a publication DOI, it updates the item's dc.relation.isreferencedby field.

Next, the updater checks CrossRef for publication information. If it finds information matching either the provided publication DOI or a high-score match on the authors and title, it updates the item's metadata:

  • publication DOI (dc.relation.isreferencedby)
  • create/add citation (dc.identifier.citation): if there is no journal volume, this pub is “online in advance of print.”
  • dryad.citationInProgress = true for all updated records, because a curator should manually remove this when it’s verified and checked off in the spreadsheet.
  • publication date (dc.date.issued)
  • any matching journal metadata record is updated to status "published."

For all updated items, the updater then emails dryadassistant@datadryad.org with list of updated Dryad DOIs.

For each journal, the updater also finds items in archive that need updated citations: these items either don’t have a dc.identifier.citation or have dryad.citationInProgress = true (or just present at all). It queries CrossRef as before. If anything matches, it updates the item metadata as for workflow items. It then emails dryadassistant@datadryad.org with list of updated Dryad DOIs.