Automatic Metadata Generation R&D (SILS Metadata class)

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Jane’s SILS metadata class description: INLS 720 (252): Metadata Architectures and Applications Prerequisite: INLS 520 or 521, or 509. [Catalog description @:]

Final projects exploring automatic metadata generation and metadata quality in Dryad:

  • Project 1: Data object wrapper metadata—an assessment of the availability and quality of metadata associated excel data files stored in Dryad. (J. L. Harroun)
  • Project 2: Article content and data object metadata generation—an evaluation of the suitability of published article content, found in pre and post data presentation sub-genres, for automatic metadata generation. (J. Adamo, L. Skalla).
  • Project 3: Name-authority control—an exploratory study on the need for name authority control for scientists depositing in Dryad, and the suitability of the LCNAF (LC Authorities: (D. Haven)
  • Project 4: Confirming and validating taxonomic authorities for Dryad—an assessment of selected taxonomic systems for standardizing taxonomic names in Dryad, drawing from nexus file data (the initial sample will be drawn from Systematic Biology. (M. Marathe)