Board Meeting 2009 Spring

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The initial meeting of the Dryad Management Board will be held in Spring 2009.


  1. Governance policies
  2. Sustainability models
  3. Coordination of required data sharing among (voting) member journals and societies
  4. Intellectual property issues regarding deposited data, including embargo policy
  5. Data citation/paper citation policy
  6. Who has the right to submit and modify data?
  7. Whether Dryad should allow community input on data records
  8. Priorities for partner repositories
  9. Priorities for development of reporting/data format standards
  10. Policies for assessing compliance with data sharing requirements
  11. Policies for large datasets and proprietary formats


Wednesday, May 20

  • Management Board members arrive

Thursday, May 21

  • Session 1: Introductions and Management Board governance
    • Introductions (with status & issues for journal/society)
    • Overview of the repository and the meeting agenda
    • Governance, Management Board composition, and voting policies
      • Documents to approve: By-laws, etc.
  • Session 2: Joint Data Archiving Policy
    • Current status of journal policies
    • Discussion of Joint Data Archiving Policy & its implementation
  • Session 3: Intellectual property issues
    • Copyright, licenses, community norms
    • Implementing embargoes
  • Session 4: Sustainability planning
    • Models for cost return
    • External funding sources

Friday, May 22

  • Session 1: Repository policies
    • Conventions for data citations
    • Data submission and modification authority
    • Community contributions to data records
    • Policies for large data sets and proprietary formats
  • Session 2: Interactions with journals and other repositories
    • Interface between Dryad and published articles
    • Priorities for handshaking with other repositories
  • Session 3: Repository development
    • Review of submission system, search interface and metadata requirements
    • Review of curatorial policies
  • Session 4: Wrap-up
    • Community engagement and publicity
    • Future meetings
      • Dates & locations for 2009-2010
      • Agenda items and invitees

Saturday, May 23

  • Management Board members depart
  • Dryad project meeting (NSF grant investigators only)